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Sometimes uniformity is good. Cigars are different. A hand rolled cigar is a unique experience. Once you have tried a hand rolled cigar, you may never go back to a machine rolled cigar again.

At Jungle Smokes, we specialize in beautiful, full flavored, hand rolled cigars from the jungles of Honduras. We’re one of the only stores offering 100% Hand Rolled Honduran Cigars online. You’d think a product as fine as a Jungle Smokes hand rolled cigar would be expensive. And you might think you wouldn’t be able to buy cigars online that have the rare quality, aroma and sensory experience of Jungle Smokes.

Prepare to be amazed, because we keep our pricing low and our quality exceptional. And you can buy our Cigars Online, right here in our online store. They are packaged to retain freshness and are shipped immediately. At our reasonable pricing, you’ll love Jungle Smokes as your daily cigar.

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30 August 2014
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